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Legalized Marijuana in Canada Means Trouble at the U.S. Border

Senator Denise Batters  Lake Superior News
#LSN_PublicSafety  Senator Denise Batters

OTTAWA, ONTARIO  July 15, 2018   (LSN)  Earlier this month, Senator Denise Batters  went to Washington, D.C. with two Conservative Senate colleagues. We held meetings with American government officials to get some straight answers not forthcoming from the Trudeau government -- about how marijuana legalization will impact the Canada-U.S. border.

Canadians working in the cannabis industry are starting to run into big problems at the border, according to an immigration lawyer.

Len Saunders is an immigration lawyer based in Blaine, Washington, a busy port of entry for British Columbians headed to the U.S. He says some of his clients are being denied entry — some have even received lifetime bans — for their business associations with marijuana.
Barinder Rasode, the CEO of the National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, says fears of a lifetime ban are leading some business people to take extreme measures.

The Trudeau government and Public Safety Minister Goodale is still sweeping this under the rug! I did national media interviews and made this VIDEO in April warning about all of this, two months before Bill C-45 passed the Senate:


Although some states have legalized cannabis, the US federal government has not. Border agents are federal and have the right to enforce the federal ban. And that is the problem for anyone who admits to using or possessing at any time in their lives. And it is discretionary, meaning that if the border guard feels like enforcing the law just because they feel like it today or don't like your face or attitude, they can and will. And you are banned. Investing in US pot companies is another way to be banned.

CBC News · Posted: Jul 13, 2018  Executives, professionals connected to cannabis industry avoid travel to U.S. for fear of lifetime ban


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