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Thunder Bay school busing changes
Are they putting Children Safety First

Lakehead Board of Educaiton School Bus Changes   Lake Superior News
#LSN_PublicSafety   Changes in picking up children

THUNDER BAY, ONTAIRO - August 20, 2018  (LSN)  I had found out recently that my children who attend Vance Chapman school were not allowed to have school transportation this year, due to the changes that were made this year. According to the school transportation my children who are in grade 8 age 13 grade 6 age 11 and grade 4 age 9 did not qualify for busing. It was explained to me that children in grades 4 and up within 1.6 kms of the school would have to walk or find their own transportation to school. My issue is my 9 year old daughter who has always been in the bus now has to walk to school 


We live 800 metres from the school, I know it doesn’t seem like much but my street and for half the walk there is no side walk so when it’s winter out and the snow banks are 4 feet tall and there’s no where but the street for her to walk on. how is that safe ?

Thunder Bay is not safe for young children there have been numerous attempted abductions on children of all ages and even adults. There is so much crime and drug paraphernalia all over the city. 


If a child at 9 years old isn’t allowed to be home alone without CAS or Dilico family services being called how is it that a 9 year old child can walk 1.6 kms to school 


The student Transportation services informed me that it is my responsibility to get my children safely to school!! 


I’m a single mother I work full time shift work. My shifts start at 630 am to 630 pm, I never had concerns when they were able to catch a bus to school but now I’m concerned. I do have children that can walk together but some days my oldest is at the high school for classes and not able to walk with the younger ones. Or sick at home.  Will my children all have to stay home  then ?? 

Thunder Bay is known for cold winters 


Schools will not allow children out for recess after -25 with windshield but it’s ok for children no matter what age to walk in -30 something weather, I will not allow my children to walk to school after -25 weather then, many other parents have agreed if things don’t change a lot of children will be missing a lot of school due to this. 


One child on mine has asthma very cold weather and winds are  hard on him, walking 800 metres will cause him to be sick possibly needing steroids and or sick with pneumonia. Which happens a few times a year, he possibly can qualify for a bus if there is record with the school that he does have asthma.(which the school is well aware of) but not a guarantee.


The man I spoke with told me to read Toronto’s busing system and we are lucky we have what we do!! Toronto’s weather is a lot more Better then here. 


He stated that the three school boards and system have all agreed to these new terms, and nothing can be done.  That it is our responsibility to get the children to school safety, when I asked so if my child gets kidnaped or hurt walking it’s all my fault?? He agreed 


What is wrong here ??

  • If your gonna change it the right grade age is 6 not grade 4 
  • It’s not safe !! Even with the weather that’s a major concern 
  • Slippery roads no side walks 
  • Walking on roads 
  • Not safe at all 


I have started a petition to see if I can get them to change their minds link is provided please sign and let’s change this 

Until this city is safe I want my children on the bus for their safety and my peace of mind 


Recently the Thunder Bay chronicle journal had posted that $500,000 would be saved this year due to the changes 

So save $500,000 but put many children in harms way or sick


Thank you 
Sandy Rose Bouchard


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