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#LSN_Crime   Thunder Bay Countcouthouse Inside Edition

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  April 5, 2019   (LSN)  35 year old handcuffed JAMES REGINALD WICKENDEN appeared in a crowded Bail Courtroom 103 today, Friday April 5,2019 before His Worship Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio.

Five new charges of breach of sex offender conditions have been laid.
a total of 9 charges now of being around children when he is not supposed to be..

Provincial Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair and Defence Attorney Roy Karlstedt were also present in the crowded courtroom.

A Section 517 & 486 publication ban are in place on all evidence, testimony and reasons given at the hearing.
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. However, a friend of mine was present for the entire hearing and was able to share some information.

Hearing was supposed to start at 9am. The crowd was present and ready for the hearing. There were some delays, but it eventually got under way about noon.

The Crown presented its case to His Worship Donio on why JAMES REGINALD WICKENDEN should be detained in custody.  Was completed about 4:30pm.

The Defence has not had the opportunity yet to present its side on why WICKENDEN should be released.

A bail hearing continuation is required.  On Tuesday April 9,2019 a date will be set to continue the Bail Hearing.

James Wickenden remains in custody at the Thunder Bay Jail.
A job well done by Crown Attorney Franceline Auclair

Big kudos to all concerned citizens and parents who showed up to show the court their concern about this high risk pedophile.

You did the right thing by coming and informing yourselves. please share the information with your families and friends.

Could this all  been avoided had the public been notified



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Thunder Bay Court House Inside Edition

Thunder Bay Courthouse
  Inside Edition

Thunder Bay Courthouse Inside Edition

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