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JORDAN DAVID LESLIE LANG Rams OPP Crusier   Lake Superior News
#LSN_Crime   Thunder Bay Countcouthouse Inside Edition

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - December 16, 2018  (LSN)  Appearing this morning, Sunday December 16,2018 via telephone from the OPP Station in Courtroom 104 is 34 year old JORDAN DAVID LESLIE LANG.

It’s W.A.S.H. (Weekend And Statutory Holiday) Court today. Her Worship, Denette Maslach is presiding. Provincial Crown Misbah Haque is here along with Duty Counsel Marilyn Thompson

LANG was arrested last evening near Ignace by the OPP on Highway 17. Court hears he is facing 6 criminal charges including 2 counts of driving dangerous, 1 count of assault with a motor vehicle, one count of assault with a motor vehicle causing bodily harm, uttering threats and forcible confiement. Inside Edition sources indicate that LANG was under the influence of methamphetamine with a terrified passenger in the vehicle when he phoned 911 to tell them the whole community was conspiring against him. His terrified passenger can be heard pleading for her life in the background. LANG allegedly tells 911 that the only way he will be caught is dead in a rock cut or ditch. IGNACE OPP set up a spike strip on Highway 17. LANG drives through spike strip blowing out all 4 tires then speeds up to aim the vehicle at a police cruiser parked on highway shoulder. LANG rams police cruiser at high speed pushing it almost 60 feet into the bush causing the airbags to go off in vehicle he is driving. Female passenger receives injuries from the crash and LANG exits vehicle to surrender at OPP gunpoint.

LANG sounds a little confused on the phone and has a hard time hearing. He asks the Justice of the Peace to repeat the charges a couple times.

LANG has a history of violence and theft.

Crown Attorney Haque is not consenting to his release. LANG is being transported to Sioux Lookout and will make a bail court appearance there tomorrow. Sources indicate the female victim will make a recovery from her injuries. LANG is ordered not to contact female victim or OPP Officer of cruiser that got rammed. OPP cruiser is beyond repair.

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Thunder Bay Courthouse Inside Edition

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