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#LSN_Crime   Thunder Bay Countcouthouse Inside Edition

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  June 28,, 2019   (LSN)  In a decision delivered this morning, Friday June 28, 2019 via

e-mail by Superior Court Justice Fred Myers, the defamation lawsuit initiated by Gilbert Labine and his lawyer Douglas Judson was dismissed by the court on a procedural error. NO COSTS OR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF AWARDED

On June 26, 2019 in a Thunder Bay Superior Civil Courtroom, His Honour Justice Myers heard submissions from lawyer Douglas Judson, Pino Demasi and Brian Webster (who appeared by telephone)

There was a motion before the court by Brian Webster to have the court order transcriptionist Amy Vaillant to produce court transcripts, which she was refusing to do. Judson stated he was not aware of any transcripts in his client’s possession. Webster and Demasi argued that Labine has the transcripts and they are relevant to the proceedings, Judson argued they were not. His Honour told Judson “Of course, they are relevant Mr. Judson”. But His Honour did not make the order at that point. He continued to hear the submissions.

At one point during the hearing, Douglas Judson submitted to His Honour that a CBC article on Barbara Kentner be reviewed. His Honour ruled that reporters are not witnesses to material facts. Judson submitted case law submitting that there was a campaign of harassment by Webster and Demasi against him. His Honour happened to be counsel on at the time. He questioned the use of this case law for this proceeding.

Judson was requesting an injunctive order to shut down The Real Concerned Citizens of Thunder Bay website as well as this Facebook page Thunder Bay Courthouse – Inside Edition. Judson is claiming that Webster is the owner of the page. His Honour Myers ruled that the evidence submitted does not support an injunction against either site.

This Win is a big Win for Thunder Bay Citizens who want to know what is happening about Crime.
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Labine v. Webster, 2019 ONSC 4023 (CanLII)

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