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OPP Syrian Refugees Fentanyl Bust    Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO -  March 31, 2019   (LSN)  On March 21,2019, the OPP responded quickly to an eastbound black sports car that had just stolen gas from a Nipigon Esso. Police conducted patrol and observed the vehicle on Highway 11 just north of Windegokan Lake Road.

Further investigation revealed the discovery of over 1/2 pound of Fentanyl. One of the largest seizures in Northern Ontario.

Appearing handcuffed in Courtroom 103 are the two Syrian refugees who were nabbed by the Greenstone OPP with an alleged record amount of Fentanyl after stealing gasoline in Nipigon.

A 19 year old MOHAMAD AL ZARIF, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:
-possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking
-theft under 5000$

AL ZARIF is being helped by local lawyer Heather Salter and has not been officially retained yet.

A 21 year old MHD AL BASHIR ALMANDANI, a Syrian refugee was arrested and charged with:
-possession of fentanyl for purpose of trafficking
-theft under 5000$

ALMANDANI has received Legal Aid and has acquired the services of local lawyer Gilbert Labine.

Jailhouse sources indicate that both refugees are not happy with their present accommodations at the Thunder Bay Jail.

Federal Crown Ron Poirier intends to show cause why both Syrians should be detained in jail.

No bail hearing is set. But if a hearing is set, it will require at least an entire day to conduct.

Both men are returned to the Thunder Bay Jail.

A judicial pretrial is scheduled for April 29,2019 for both men.


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Thunder Bay Courthouse Inside Edition

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