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Keith Hobbs, Marisa Hobbs, Mary Voss Stand Trial
Starting the Week of November 18, 2019

Keith Hobbs    Lake Superior News
#LSN_Crime   Thunder Bay Countcouthouse Inside Edition

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - January 27, 2019   (LSN)  The extortion trial scheduled for 3 weeks starting November 18, 2019 . Keith Hobbs, wife Marisa, and Mary Voss to face criminal charges in Superior Court of Jusice 

Superior Court Justice Dawson will preside over the trial 

The OPP alleges that Hobbs, 65, his wife,  Marisa  and a third person, Mary Voss, 46, attempted to induce a prominent local lawyer “to purchase a house (for Voss), by threats, accusations, or menaces of disclosing criminal allegations to the police, thereby committing extortion,” court documents show.

Local lawyer George Joseph is here representing Mary Voss and Brian Greenspan is appearing via video from Toronto to represent the Hobbs.

November 18th is when the trial starts and is expected to run for 3 weeks

Pretrial Motions are expected to be done before thien

 The man who originally ran on a law and order platform only to wind up standing by silently during the largest crime increase in the history of tThunder Bay is now almost one step closer to breing labelled by a court of Law a criminal 

Photo by Doug D. Powell


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