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 Update Sudden Death Investigation
Lakehead University


THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, April 4, 2018  (LSN)  The deceased located in the wooded area south of the Lakehead University Fieldhouse has been identified as a 31 year old Thunder Bay man. Next of kin have been notified.

Investigators are waiting for the results of the post mortem. The area remains secured by police as the investigation continues.

Police are asking for anyone who may have been walking in this area over the past few days to contact police at 684-1200.

Thunder Bay Courthouse - Inside Edition is reporting that:




The Thunder Bay Police Service is investigating the death of JOHN TYSKA on the path behind the Lakehead University Fieldhouse.
TYSKA was located by a citizen walking on the pathway just before 4:00 p.m. on April 3, 2018.
The area is being contained by Police. This investigation is ongoing.


The following chronicles JOHN TYSKA’S recent court appearances.



On the afternoon of Saturday March 17,2018, Thunder Bay Police received a call to the Brodie Street area of Victoriaville/Newfie’s Pub about a man with a knife assaulting people. When police arrived, the accused allegedly ran off. A brief chase ensued through Victoriaville Mall and a 30 year old JOHN TYSKA was arrested by TBPS Officer at gunpoint.
Tyska appeared by video from Thunder Bay Police Station on Balmoral this morning, Sunday March 18,2018 in WASH (Weekend and Statutory Holiday) Court before Justice of the Peace Marcel Donio.
Tyska is facing 2 charges of assault with a weapon and 1 charge of breach of probation. He looks very disheveled and is wearing some type of torn up black sweater missing collar and sleeves.
Crown Attorney Trevor Jukes is not consenting to his release. He has some concerns about mental health of the accused.
His Worship Donio remands Tyska in custody. Tyska will be transported to the Thunder Bay Jail and make an appearance via video March 19,2018 in Courtroom 104 at 12:45 pm.
Sources indicate that the original assault incident was captured on video.
Tyska has previous criminal record.



Appearing in courtroom 103 today for bail is 30-year-old John Tyska. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon presiding, Crown Attorney is Adriana Nigro and defence lawyer is Tyler Woods.

John Tyska is facing charges of Assault with a weapon x2 and failure to comply with probation (Keep the peace and be of good behaviour). John is wearing a black hoodie with shoulder-length hair.

Today's bail appearance stems from a March 17th, 2018 incident in the vicinity of Victoriaville Mall, where John is alleged to have pulled out a pocket knife and attacked a woman, and then a male security guard working the mall.

Alleged facts are that Tyska had the female victim on his facebook, and had been chatting with her for some time. The victim claims Tyska was sending her messages of a sexual nature. Tyska seems to have recognized her from Facebook when he came across her and began attempts to speak with her. She repeatedly asked him to leave her alone, and he kept pressing her to interact with him.

It's alleged that the security guard noticed this unwanted interaction and requested John to leave the woman alone. Tyska continued to bother the female victim, even after being told several times by her and the security guard to leave. It is at this point that Tyska pulled out a pocket knife and started swinging it and lunging at the security guard with it.

Allegedly Tyska noticed the Thunder Bay Police Officers getting out of their vehicle and approaching the situation. Tyska makes a break for it and runs into the mall. Tyska was later arrested inside the mall by Thunder Bay Police.

The crown submits Tyska's Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Check as evidence. Furthermore, the crown submits Tyska's prior criminal record which is as follows:

Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose (2014)
Failure to appear in court (2016)
Failure to comply with an undertaking (2016)
Mischief causing damage under $5000 (2017)
Woods calls Tyska up to the stand to answer his questions.

Woods' examination reveals the following:

Tyksa is a member of Pic Mobert First Nation
His mother is from Hamilton and is Aboriginal
His mother took care of him until he was 14 years old when she then moved to Hamilton
His mother was in a residential school and was involved in the 60's scoop
His mother was taken away from her family during the 60's scoop
Tyksa had a difficult childhood
His mother drank and did drugs, often fighting with her husband
His mother abused him
Tyska finished high school
Tyska is not currently employed but is enrolled at Confederation College to become a Powerline Technician
Tyska has his own residence for 4-5 months
Tyska was homeless before having this residence for about 5-6 months
Tyska supports himself through ODSP
Tyska suffers from mental health issues surrounding depression and anxiety
Tyska has sought out counselling and has help from Elevate
Tyska can afford to pay his own bail if needed
Tyska is willing to report to the Thunder Bay Police station at least once a week
Tyska is willing to phone the Thunder Bay Police to check in daily
Tyska has no reason to go near Victoriaville mall, should he be released
Tyska is a full-time student, that has studies 5 days a week
Tyska has a bus pass to assist him with transportation needs
Tyska says he can abide by his conditions
Tyska has been on probation before
The crowns cross-examination reveals the following:

School is his primary focus right now
No other income other than ODSP
Family supports him emotionally, but not financially
Tyska see's his family several times a week and his cousins at school during the week
Tyska is in a weekly counselling program
Tyska has completed an anger management class before and found it helpful, and would like to do it again
Tyska acknowledges his previous criminal record
Tyska acknowledges that he has had troubles abiding by court orders in the past, and says that "I've learned my lesson, I will be on time" and explains that homelessness contributed to him missing a previous court date
After the crown completes her cross-examination, Woods asks Tyska "Do you need to carry a pocket knife wherever you go?" Tyska replies "no"

Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon asks Tyska if he misses a lot of school, Tyska responds saying that he missed last week, and 3 days this week thus far, referring to the time he's been in custody. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon asks him if he missed any school before being in custody, and Tyska says that he hasn't.

"Do you have any other supports?" Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon asks him "Alpha court once a month"

Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon asks him about his suboxone use, and if he has any addiction issues, Tyska informs the court that yes, he does have struggles with addiction. Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon asks him when the last time he used was, and he responds "2017".

The Crown submits that she is still concerned on secondary grounds regarding Tyska's release, which means public safety. "This is considered a crime of violence" and stresses that injuries were caused. Nigro continues, pressing that these attacks were unprovoked and that the security guard was injured while carrying out his role at Victoriaville mall.

The crown carries on with her submission by expressing concerns regarding Tyska's mental health and acknowledges that he has sought out counselling and completed anger management in the past. Concerns regarding the current charges before the court are still unresolved indicate the crown. She appreciates Tyska's efforts but does not see it as sufficient to protect the public safety. The crown doesn't want Tyska released.

The crown points to Tyska's criminal record, which has a failure to comply with conditions, yet she acknowledges his record is not very long. The crown carries on to highlight that Tyska has been charged previously with possession of a weapon, and has used a weapon in a crime in the past.

Woods addresses the courts, mentioning that Tyska has not attempted to contact either of the victims since the incident. He adds that Tyksa has a history of mental health issues and does not deny that, but has been dealing with them. His progress in regards to his mental health may be slow but states that he is on the road to making changes. Woods concludes that the crown has not proven Tyska is a threat to the public's safety.

Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon is ready to deliver her decision and asks Tyska to stand. She reiterates the alleged facts and submissions from both the crown and defence lawyer Tyler Woods. Tyksa is very attentive and respectful throughout the entire proceeding. The Justice of the Peace lets him know she will be releasing him today on his own recognizance and begins to notify him of his conditions:

$500 non-deposit bail
Report once a week in person to the Thunder Bay Police Station
No contact with either victim
Do not attend within 100 metres of where the victims live, work, or go to school, or anywhere that they may be
No weapons
At this point the crown asks for Tyska to have a curfew of 9 pm to 6 am, in which Justice of the Peace Anna Gibbon quickly denies, citing that this incident did not occur at night and that she believes it is unneeded.

Tyska is unhandcuffed and released to a waiting family member whom he quickly hugs with a huge smile on his face.

Incident Date: 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - 18:30
Incident Number: P18033110

Location: Lakehead University

Date Published: 2018-04-03

The Thunder Bay Police Service is investigating the discovery of a deceased person on the path behind the Lakehead University Fieldhouse.

The deceased was located by a citizen walking on the pathway just before 4:00 p.m. on April 3, 2018.

The area is being contained by Police. This investigation is ongoing.

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