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Senior Attacked while Shovelling Snow
Infront of his home

Senior Attacked while Shovelling Snow In front of his home   Lake Superior News
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THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - February 5, 2019   (LSN)  A senior citizen shovelling snow was savagely attacked by a man on Drug Induced Rage. The attacker leaves the senior in the snowbank blooded with teeth missing and serious injuries 

RYAN WINTERS  who attacked a 62 year old snoveling snow         Lake Superior NewsA 30 year old RYAN WINTERS appeared by telephone (video line down at police station) from TBPS Station on Balmoral. He was arrested by our hardworking TBPS officers last evening.
Police were called to the 200 block of McKellar Street South last evening about a 62 year old citizen laying bloodied in a snowbank with substantial face injuries and missing teeth. It’s alleged that WINTERS was the culprit of this unprovoked attack on a random stranger

A nearby homeowner had his home damaged when a blood covered WINTERS allegedly tried to commit a break and enter after this aggravated assault.

WINTERS is facing charge of aggravated assault and mischief.

Crown Attorney Mason is strongly opposed to releasing WINTERS due to the random and savage nature of this attack.

WINTERS is ordered not to communicate with these random victims.

His lawyer Gil Labine wants a bail hearing for him on Thursday to try get him out of jail.


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