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#LSN_shipping Wood pellets being discharged

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO - June 11, 2018  (LSN) The month of May was a strong one at the Port of Thunder Bay, the highlight being the variety of shipments moving across port docks. Commodity shipments of grain, coal and potash were consistent, with over 1.0 million metric tonnes (MT) of bulk cargo being loaded for outbound shipment.

Thunder Bay is the primary Seaway export port for Western Canadian bulk commodities; potash shipments have been well above average for the past year due to increased direct overseas exports, and this trend continued in May. Grain volumes were bolstered by large shipments of wheat, which is up year-over-year in the port. Large quantities of soybeans also contributed to the grain tally; volumes of soybeans have increased steadily at the port in recent years and a record volume of 387,000 MT was set last year.

The port’s project cargo corridor was in full swing in May. Commencing what will likely be a banner year for project cargo, vessels discharged windmills, wood pellets, structural steel, and a railcar cabin at the port’s general cargo facility. Further shipments of steel and windmills are arriving in June.

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Port Of Thunder Bay  Lake Superior News