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Project cargo shipments keeping Port Busy

Hotel Modular Hotel    Lake Superior News
#LSN_Shipping Project cargo shipments keeping Port Busy from Poland to Calgary 

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  ---  October 5, 2017   (LSN)  Project cargo shipments are keeping the Port's general cargo docks busy this season. In September, the Port received shipments of wind turbine towers, modular building components and structural steel, all dimensional cargoes originating overseas and destined for the Prairie provinces. This adds to an already diverse season for project cargoes which has included electrical transformers, pressure vessels, rail lengths and other modularized structures.

The 154 modular building components that were offloaded by Logistec Stevedoring last month are currently being stored in the Port's ample laydown area. They will be trucked to Alberta where they are being constructed into a hotel. 

Port of Thunder Bay,  September Cargi Stats   Lake Superior News

The Port of Thunder Bay is continuing to welcome a high volume of vessel traffic heading into fall. Cargo volumes in September outpaced the monthly 10-year average by 25%. As of September 30, more than 5.8 million metric tonnes of cargo have crossed Port docks this season. This is well above the 10-year average of 5.0 million tonnes.

Shipments of Western Canadian grain are 14% above the 10-year average year-to-date. The two most common grains shipped through Thunder Bay elevators are wheat and canola, both of which are seeing above-average volumes. Shipments of canola are on pace to top last year's historical record for the commodity in the Port.

Potash volumes are twice their normal levels and have already exceeded the annual tallies of the past nine years. The increase is the result of the port being utilised to access diversified markets. The port has exported nearly 300,000 metric tonnes of potash to new markets in South America and Europe this year.

To date, 260 vessels have called at the Port since the season opened in March. This is an increase from 238 vessels at the same time laulst year.