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3rd Annual  Thunder Bay Classic
and Fitness Expo

Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo   Lake Superior News

THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  January 17, 2018   (LSN) The Thunder Bay Classic and Fitness Expo,  is back for its third year! Don’t miss a minute of the action during Northwestern Ontario's largest fitness event February 9th to February 11th at the Slovak Legion.  
Featuring: - 20 local vendors - International Open level Show - Full Powerlifting Meet - Women’s Strongman  - Amateur Strongman 
Schedule:  Friday February 9th Fitness expo Athlete meet and greet  Max Deadlift event 
Saturday February 10th Fitness expo Full Powerlifting meet International Open level Show 
Sunday February 11th  Fitness expo Amateur Strongman  Women's Strongman 
Competitions (Still accepting athlete entries for all categories): International Open level Show  
Entry: $75 Prize Money: 1st-$1000 | 2nd-$600 | 3rd-$400 | 4th-$250 | 5th -$150 | 6th-$75 Events: 1. Max "no rules" deadlift . Deadlift bar and plates. Attempts at 500,550,590,640,680,730,770,820,860,900lb come in or out as you choose. 2. Log clean and press for reps (weight option of 260lb,310lb or 360lb for reps)  3. Keg carry and load to platforms - 250lb to 400lb 4. Yoke carry- option of 600lb, 750lb, 900lb or 1000lb for 80ft.  5. Last man standing atlas stone over bar - option of 310lb or 410lb 
Women’s Strongman Entry: $50 Prize Money: 1st -$300 | 2nd-$200 Events : 1. Press medley - 50lb dumbbell, 80lb dumbbell, 135lb barbell, 150lb barbell  2. Deadlift for reps -280lb and 320lb option  3. Farmers walk 80ft  4. Last woman standing atlas stone -150lb 
Amateur Strongman Entry: $50  Prize Money: 1st - $100  Events: 1. Barbell clean and press (one clean 185lb or 225lb for reps) 2. Deadlift for reps 405lb/455lb option  3. Yoke carry- 400lb/500lb option  4. Last man standing atlas stone 250lb 
Powerlifting Entry: $50 Prize Money: Best Wilks for men - $250 | Best Wilks for women - $250 Events:  1. Squat 2. Bench Press 3. Deadlift 
Bench Only Entry: $20 
Welcoming over 20 local vendors to show their products to over 2000 spectators of the events, including Gore Motors Honda, ​Behind Bars Dryden, Natural Health and Chiropractic - Dr Nathan Benvenuto, Healthy You Massage and Wellness, Melissa Thompson from Royal LePage, Tim’s Whole Health, and more! If you’d like to register as a vendor, ​regular booths are $150 for the entire weekend and VIP booths are $300. E​mail [email protected] to secure your spot. 

Advance weekend passes are available at Tim’s Whole Health for $15 (cash only). Day passes are also available at the door and proceeds from the event will be going to The Boys and Girls Club ( Friday $2, Saturday $10, Sunday $10)  Athletes will have the luxury of being treated by Dr Nathan Benvenuto before, during, and after their competition. Photography for the event will be provided by Laura Myers Photography.

 Feb 9 6pm to 8pm.
Feb 10 8am to 5pm.
Feb 11 10am to 4pm .



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