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U-14 OCUP Finals at Searchmont Resort

U-14 OCUP Finals  Searchmont Resort  Lake Superior News

SEARCHMONT, ONTARIO  March 10, 2018  (LSN)  The Searchmont Ski Runners (SSR) in partnership with Searchmont Ski Association Inc (SSAI) are preparing for the U-14 OCUP Finals which will take place at Searchmont Resort during the March Break. The races begin on March 15th and continue until March 17th.

Over 190 racers from across the Province will be travelling to participate in this exciting event, and the economic impact for local businesses will be significant.

“Hosting the provincials is an opportunity for Searchmont Ski Runners (SSR) as well as Searchmont Resort to showcase our true northern hospitality. Many of the Searchmont Ski Runners (SSR) parents are volunteering their time over the March break and it's a true testament to the dedication of our club. We are looking forward to hosting another successful race in the spring sunshine” Mike Schikofsky, President, Searchmont Ski Runners

“The U14 athlete (12 &13 yrs.) have been training for 7 years. For the first year U14 athlete, if they qualify, this is the biggest race they have to compete in. Across the province, these athletes have been training at their home clubs and attending camps in preparation. It takes a lot of dedication to compete and win at this level. The U14 athlete will be on snow 50-60 days a year and work in the early season on their fitness and training their mind. It takes a community to bring home the hardware. Mom and dad get them to the hill early, the coaches prepare sessions and provide direction for improvement. 

Hours of ski drills in all kinds of nasty weather. Many miles spent running gates and trying to work on understanding line. The parents spend countless hours volunteering to run local races and keep their equipment in race ready condition and it all comes down to standing in the gate looking down at the course. The loneliest moment for the athlete while they put the skills they have tirelessly worked on into action. It’s just them, the mountain and a timed run. The gold medal is often won by a mere fraction of a second”

Dave Derbyshire, Head Coach, Searchmont Ski Runners

The race is being held on a small portion of the Mountain leaving the rest of the runs open to the public. It’s a great week to catch a few races, enjoy the winter sunshine and shred the incredible conditions at the Mountain.

About Searchmont

Searchmont Resort is a premiere ranked, regional training and recreation facility with high-quality mountain terrain, amenities, events, and entertainment. Searchmont Resort supports a healthy, active lifestyle by providing winter recreation for families, sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes of all ages.


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